Learning to SEE like an Artist

My third through sixth year students began their year with some challenging exercises that, if practiced diligently, will drastically improve their observation and drawing skills. 

These skills will be invaluable as students progress in their art education and compare their work to that of their peers. This critical time, around the 10-12 year range, is when children consider that they are either “good at art” or “bad at art” using only the metric of observational drawing as a deciding factor. In truth, observational drawing is a very attainable goal, given a few pieces of information and tricks of the trade. 

Check out the presentation below to see a few techniques we practiced to enhance our ability to see like artists:

Drawing Development in Children

I am a huge fan of Viktor Lowenfeld and I love sharing his studies with the families at my school.

Viktor Lowenfeld is known as the “Father of Modern Art Education,” and for good reason! His work with children’s drawing development is just as helpful today as when it was first written. I’ve put together a presentation that gives an overview of the stages below: