Art Teacher Comics and MICE

Iron Comic

MICE, or Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo happened in Cambridge this weekend, and I was lucky enough to attend this awesome event in my own neighborhood.

I caught the "Iron Comic" competition that pitted artists against each other in a series of challenging prompts. Themes included: "morticians on safari","constipation in the kitchen" and other delights. The victor was Bob Flynn, who is the character designer for Bravest Warriors. His win benefited the crowd in his cheering section, and I got a coupon for $5 anywhere in the expo, woohoo!

My favorite discovery was Ms.Bean's Art Class, created by Cara Bean. I fell in love with the pithy, honest, and whimsical snippets of art teacher life such as tackling negativity, the dilemma of pointing out visible butt cracks, and the pitfalls of classroom icebreaker activities. You should totally buy this comic and you'll love it, too.