Instant Inspiration


My weekday morning ritual, (if I've been industrious and prepped for my classes already!) is to browse my rss reader. I have a special reader set up just for school that is filled with fantastic art, technology, and educational resources.  I've pared it down to the real gems so that this experience is a way to center myself and get inspired without all of the distractions that I might find while browsing at home. 

Here are a few of the feeds that are consistently fantastic, exciting, and unexpected:

but does it float
beautiful, thought provoking visual art and design

a motley selection of scanned books spanning illustration, science, history, and some very odd offerings that defy description

now a part of the Khan Academy, Smarthistory not only has a wealth of amazing art history information, but their frequently updated video conversations are an educational way to start the day, I always learn something new (in down-to-earth language that is a joy to listen to!)

The Art of Ed 
art education-centered information that is relevant and practical. Abundant with advice and inspiration for lessons.

MoMA Videos
a diverse range of short videos that explore all forms of media

Illustration Friday
a weekly art prompt that you can browse or choose to participate in yourself

Wooster Collective
a blog featuring street art and "ephemeral" art - there's some crazy stuff here! 

Hark, a Vagrant
the web comic of Kate Beaton that pulls inspiration from literature, history, and her own life. it's hilarious, beautifully drawn (and often not kid-appropriate!)

a blog about "art and visual ingenuity" that provides many exciting ideas