What environmental factors lead
a child to form an artistic identity?

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Check out a few submissions below if you’re curious about the types of stories people are sharing.

Through my M.Ed thesis for Lesley University, I am investigating the many ways in which our world shapes our identity. As an art educator, I’m particularly interested in the events that cause a person to decide they are a part of the creative, artistic world, and are empowered to participate in that world.

The first step in this process is gathering stories from many sources, people of all ages, people who consider themselves creative or artistic, and those who do not. The narratives from those of you who don’t consider yourselves artists are JUST AS IMPORTANT to weaving this collaborative story, so I truly hope you’ll share your experiences!

The submissions received will be carefully curated together to form a video installation piece with illustrations inspired by your stories. I hope to highlight common themes that might shed light on ways we can better support everyone feeling a bit more artistically inclined!

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Ways to Share your Story!

This project depends on your collaboration- please share in a way that is most convenient for you:

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Sharing Video & Audio

Use your phone, built-in computer camera, voice recorder, or any other device you have to capture your story. Under five minutes in length is ideal, but feel free to submit multiple stories if you have more to share.

Email the file to evalenza@lesley.edu or share it via wetransfer.com to my email address

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Sharing via survey or Email

Share your answers using this google survey. Send your story, poetry, streams of consciousness, images, or illustrations to evalenza@lesley.edu

Thank you for participating in this project!

please share with friends and check back for updates!